about salinas endoscopy center

About Salinas Endoscopy Center


SEC, originally called Los Palos Ambulatory Endoscopy Center, was opened in 1998 by a group of gastroenterologists eager to offer their patients a better, more convenient location for their endoscopic procedures. Since then, SEC has been the care home for more GI procedures than everywhere else in Salinas combined. We are located right next door to Salinas Gastroenterology, where most of our credentialed providers have their practice office.


One of the main reasons patients and health plans prefer to have procedures done in an Ambulatory Surgery Center is that typical charges for a procedure in an ASC are a fraction what they are at a hospital. We only have one type of patient and surgery and therefore don’t have the overhead associated with many different types of surgery and emergency care. We also know exactly how many patients we will be serving every day, so we don’t need extra hands on deck. As a result, SEC offers the lowest price for EGDs and colonoscopies in Monterey County – by a large margin!

Our rates are less than half those of any other surgery center in Monterey County, and less than 1/8th those of SVMH or Natividad. If your gastroenterologist has scheduled your procedure at another location, you can ask to have your case done, by them, at SEC. SEC provides an outpatient setting for any credentialed provider in Monterey County.

Our safety data, and those of other facilities and hospitals, is available publicly at this link, and we are proud that our facility was not only the most affordable location, but the safest as well.

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